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was established in 2005 as a member of Gaia Architects.
However, Gaia Trondheim works with design of products and systems. Human needs and desires, ecology and aesthetics create the framework of new design, Research and communication. Gaia Trondheim is in collaboration with both architects, designers and researchers. Many of the projects are of a transdisciplinary character and are initiated with professionals from other disciplines.
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Gaia Trondheim is located in Ilsvika in Trondheim, Norway, and shares daily thoughts and creative projects as a part of Atelier Ilsvika.
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Gaia Trondheim works with design inspired by principles for long term sustainability. Design methodology that embraces the macro perspectives as well as the micro level of details, is the foundation of the design approach in most projects.

Project example: Rundeskogen, Helen & Hard as (2006-)
Gaia Trondheim was included in a team of architects in the sketch phase project for three skyscraper buildings in Sandnes, at the west coast of Norway. An innovative profile through priciples of sustainability is combined with commercial goals.
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Research through design and research by design promotes projects that are not seen before. In the meeting with other disciplines Gaia Trondheim cross borders to new and future oriented solutions. Ethics, long term perspectives and quality of life are important ingredients in the projects.

Project example: The Meal at old folks nursery home, University College of Sør-Trøndelag/w. prof. Anne G. Vinsnes (2007-2008)
How is the meal experienced and valued at a nursery home? This project is exploring the ecology of the institutions, the systems for serving nutritious food and the serving of the food as one of the most important events during the rythm of the day at the nursery. The project has generated four concrete product soulutions for future projects.
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Gaia Trondheim has experience with design of exhibitions, seminars, teaching and lecturing. During the last year we also have carried out projects concerning marketing and communication plans for organisations and businesses with ecological core values.

Project example:
Ecodesign course in China, Xi’an, (2004)
In cooperation with Harald Høyem at Faculty of Architecture/NTNU, Kristin Støren Wigum was responsible teacher for a two-week ecodesign course managed in cooperation with Kjersti Kviseth and Line Sommerfeldt. The course included fireld study, workshops, individual presentastions by the students, and lectures by both the Norwegian team and chinese colleagues. The cooperation is carried further by University College of Akershus, Norway. Load program PDF , Load PDF with photoes from cousre


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Publications in English:

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Foto: Sondre T. Støren